Gedore, a well-known local group, has been active for 17 years. It is made up of six permanent members who recently conceived, recorded and sent out into the world an album that has received much praise from listeners and critics alike. Tomaž Boškin (vocals, accordion, keyboards, trombone), Mitja Bobič (keyboards, trumpet, vocals), Marko Hrvatin (guitar), Marko Toškan (drums, vocals), Simon Markežič (bass guitar) and Jan Baruca (guitar and vocals), who is also responsible for mixing and production of the songs.

The studio full-length with thirteen tracks is full of melodic rhythms, delicate vocal harmonies and memorable pop melodies that are sure to stick in the minds of all who give them a chance.
The album also reflects the unwavering creativity and, above all, the musical maturity of each of the band members. They have earned their mileage at Istrian festivals, where they have been able to impress listeners/visitors with the originality of their compositions and, above all, with the quality of their performances, which have been perfected to the utmost detail.
And last but not least, they recently convinced the jury at the Popevka festival with their song “Od tu do tam” and won the first prize. In all these years, they have been the backing band of many famous faces of the regions music scene, such as Slavko Ivančič, Anika Horvat, Rudi Bučar, Iztok Novak Easy, Tulio Furlanič and others.

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