Numerous literary works that incorporate the myth of Fair Vida testify to the special significance of this myth for Slovenian national identity. It is said to contain some of the traits and fatal turns that characterise our collective consciousness and soul, such as the complex of longing, the archetype of the mother, the archetype of the woman, homesickness, the relationship to tradition, the relationship to the foreign and the other, and even rebellion. That is why the production will not miss Prešeren, Cankar, Roza and others who have reworked and rewritten the myth of the Beautiful Vida, seeking in it a metaphor for their own or society’s pain, an excuse or an apology. However, rather than searching for the “right”, already written words, the performance will deal with today’s view of the myth and the story of La Belle Vida. What is longing? Can we still yearn, can we still hear our deepest ideas? Do we allow ourselves to dream, are we even ready to make our dreams come true? What are we “forced” to do because of the life we live? Are we living or just living? What are we being driven into by our surroundings and what snares are we entangling ourselves in?