S/M LiFe 3 – Day 2
21.00 Stran 22: Samost, puppet show

Wax white, white skin,
Soft hand caressing me.
Up went the water
And water went into buckets.
Marko Brecelj, The Soul and I (1974)

The puppet show Samost, conceived and directed by Marek Čeh, performs the poetry of Marko Brecelj. It uses Cocktail as a template, an album that can rightly be counted among the cultural highlights of the last century. For the artists in the puppet show Samost (who rework the most recent, lavish version), the point is not to glorify the fact that the album itself is a masterpiece, but to extract the exceptional nature of Brecli’s poetry.

22.00 Pavlov, concert

Pavlov is a three-piece band that fuses elements of post-punk revival and new wave music to create a field of darker indie rock. After releasing a few singles, which often ended up among the nominees for Val 202 Radio’s Song of the Week, the band released their full-length debut album, Predor, at the end of 2021. It earned  the title of Plata tedna (the Disc of the Week) on  radio Terminal. Accompanying metallic-toned drums, a powerfully penetrating bass, synthesised chords dressed in a silk of melancholy and vividly abstract verses that cry out in the Slovenian language are some of the building blocks of the Pavlovs’ music and of their Predor.

The Pavlov are:
Domen Malis
Miha Medvešek
Aljoša Končar
Marcel Kralj

23.00 Hei’An, concert

Hei’An is a post-progressive metal band that combines elements of various genres and subgenres in its music – from progressive parts, post-metal ambient parts, black metal elements to metalcore choruses and riffs. In this rich fusion of different styles, they forge their own unique soundscape, exuding both intimacy and majesty, all with a strong emphasis on the emotional impact on the listener.

The Hei’An are:
Matic Blagonič – vocals, guitar
Matevž Počič – guitar
Peter Smrdel – bass
Gaj Bostič – drums
Aljaž Novak – backing vocals