The Municipality of Koper, the Italian Community of Koper, the Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism Koper, KŠOK, NOR and KID PiNA are organising the third Skladišče/Magazzino Libertas Festival (S/M LIFE) in the former salt warehouse Libertas.

The S/M LiFe 3 festival will take place between 16 and 22 June 2023. The content of the festival is based on the principle of inter-genre integration of contemporary urban culture – from dance theatre, performances, multimedia art, light installations to experimental derivations of electronic and punk music.



S/M LiFe 3 – Day 1

20.00 Start of the festival
Opening of the exhibition by Petya Kocet and David Kucler: Travnik

Artists Petja Kocet and David Kucler present a new large-format work from the Travnik series , created by systematically scanning a selected grassy area, reproduced life-size in the gallery space. The work encourages the viewer to observe the grassland vegetation and its peculiarities, while offering a different perspective on the living landscape. As this is a site-specific work of art, the meadow (travnik) will take on a completely new form, as in the previous installations.

21.00 Elvis Homan Solo, electronic performance

Elvis is a drummer, composer and electronic performer. As a composer, he will descend into an electronic setup to perform a solo performance in his spaceship of modular and drone synths and MaxMSP and Ableton Live software environment. He will be proficient with sound curtains and modern classical composition, using elements of live electronics. The compositions will be made on the spot as a kind of pre-structured improvisation.

22.00 Clockwork Voltage, a community of modular synthesiser performers

Clockwork Voltage – a community of modular synthesiser performers who will put together a multi-genre dance treat. Modular synthesizers are made up of different parts (modules). Each performer builds a synthesizer according to their own preferences of exploration and sound creation. Through the Clockwork Voltage platform, the community of the modular scene manifests itself in order to present domestic productions with fascinating machines that are in full swing abroad.