The talk will focus on competence as the ability to apply one’s knowledge, experience and values in the process of achieving  goals, facing challenges or problems, both in a professional and private setting – in business, private or public sector, politics, sport, etc.

To what extent does one’s performance depend on their competencies, how much of one’s competence is derived from knowledge ( understanding, intelligence) and how much is expressed through behaviour (emotional, social, intelligent, empathic, etc.)?

We will consider work-related, personal and social competencies. It is important for a successful, socially responsible, and satisfied society or for a successful company, to not only focus on employees’ professional competences but also their ability to work collaboratively in teams, their willingness to cooperate and  help each other, transfer knowledge between team members, etc. The event will focus on the competences that a good manager should possess, with a particular emphasis on values as a key component. The presentation will explore how social responsibility can be used as a lever to improve quality of life and citizen satisfaction, viewed through the lens of competences.

The event will be moderated by Dr Rado Pišot, Director of Science and Research Centre Koper.