The charity concert Catch Your Dream is dedicated to the memory of Danilo Kocjančič.
Together with the Izola and Marezige Wind Orchestras and musicians who will sing hits by the great Slovenian musician, we will raise funds for the Palčica Pomagalčica Association.
The Izola and Marezige Wind Orchestras will play together on stage under the direction of conductors Mirko Orlac, who also wrote all the arrangements for the orchestra, and Andraz Cencic, together with the singers:
Group Prizma,
Drago Mislej – Mef,
Lara Baruca,
Lea Sirk,
Žiga Rustja,
Octet Aljaž,
Lana Hrvatin,
Boštjan Velkavrh
and pupils from primary schools in Izola and Koper, who are members of the choir.
The evening will once again be given a special tone by the hosts; the likeable and strong presenting duo Iztok Gustinčič and Tomaž Klepač.