The play In Agony, the second of the Glembay cycle, was written in 1928 by one of the greatest Croatian writers of the 20th century and traces the fateful events of the members of a patrician family in decline. It is an excellent drama that, with its temporal distance, presents parallels with our own time place. One hundred years after Krleža was written, we are faced with a similar crossroads and circumstances that no one could have predicted a few years ago. Social structures change and transform, only the motivations are different, while the basic existential questions remain the same. If our very existence goes against unforeseen and catastrophic circumstances, it becomes more complex to think about the other. Selfishness and the desire to save one’s own life emerge. The individuals in the drama, once well-to-do, find themselves with only a bare subsistence and carelessness. The life they knew is shattered. At the moment when they most need each other’s sincere closeness, they realise that this is only illusory. Without empathy and compassion, relationships dissolve.

With Polona Juh, Saša Tabaković and Boris Mihalj.

Date: 02 July 2023, 18:00
Location: Gravisi Buttorai Palace, Galluss street 1, Koper