You have been captured by the city guards. You are accused of smuggling and tax evasion. Your innocence is checked by a test in a lion’s mouth. Embark on a journey through the streets of Koper, prove your innocence, find the culprit and don’t end your journey on the guillotine.


The “Hunt for Justice” application, which is set up as an interactive game, will take you for a walk around the city and lead you to the correct answers about who and what is accusing you through interesting questions and tense clues. The game will conjure up a unique, unforgettable and exciting experience as it leads you to key city landmarks such as the Lion’s Mouth, the Barbabianca Palace, the Carli Palace and others.

You have 3 hours to get out of trouble, which will be enough for a small shopping trip to the local retailers or a stop at one of the cafes for an invigorating coffee and a delicious cake. Everyone who completes the Hunt for Justice correctly and in time, getting out of a cruel conviction, will receive a prize – a code for free entry to the Koper Bell Tower.

Purchasing the experience or code for the Hunt for Justice is possible in the Koper tourist information centre.

Price of the experience (purchase of the code): €10.00.

Let the exciting discovery of Koper begin!