It extends from Socerb (along the Slovenia–Italy border) to Mlini (along the Slovenia–Croatia border).

In the area of the Karst edge you will have a chance to admire natural sights of the Karst and the sub-Mediterranean landscape.

The steep limestone walls (rising gradually above the intermediate flysch areas) are home to endangered bird species, and the meadows are home to other species of rare or endangered animals.

If you are visiting the Karst edge, we also recommend visiting settlements that are part of protected cultural heritage (e.g. Osp, Socerb, Hrastovlje, Črni Kal).


The Karst edge is a paradise for everyone who loves being active, as it is intertwined with numerous cycling routes and hiking trails, and is also considered to be the central Slovenian climbing area. More than half of the Slovenian climbing areas can be found here.