Path map

  1. The track starts from the parking place towards the crossroads with the chapel, than right along the road to Dol which lies in the gable of the valley behind a large the railway dyke.
  2. At the crossroad in the centre of the village Dol (the signpost for Zannigrad) we turn right up, behind the houses, leave the asphalt and direct towards southeast towards the end of the cartroad which gently climbs the slope and crosses the railway tracks.
  3. The road from Zazid unites our path, however, we continue straight ahead and in some longer turnings climb to the grassy plains of Kuk above Movraž. From there, a marvellous view opens in all directions – however, the nicest part of the track along the crest is still in front of us.
  4. When we reach the crossroad of the cartroads, we turn right (the middle road leads towards Movraž, the left towards Rakitovec) and continue upon the cartroad which runs along the top of the crest in northwest direction, sweeps gently and continues almost straight over Smokvica and from there climbs slightly on Lačna. Here we can climb on top of the lookout tower and enjoy the marvellous view which is otherwise hidden by the pine forest.
  5. From here, we can descend steeply down to Hrastovlje and reduce the whole track to half.
  6. The original track continues in the same direction and starts sweeping towards Kubed, leading us to the main road Kubed-Gračišče, where we turn right at the chapel, cross the main road, continue on the sidewalk and soon turn left on the steep slope towards the houses.
  7. Behind the houses, on the right, the path passes a large cave (spodmol) and climbs the wall, above which stands the church of St. Florian from 1860. The interesting bell tower of pentagonal shape, made of white Karst stone, played an important role in the defence from Turks and Uskoks during 15th and 16th centuries. The track continues by turning right down the slope to the wastewater treatment plant and again right to the sharp turn of the main road.
  8. We cross the main road and continue upon the cartroad in the same direction towards the bottom of the valley.
  9. The trach straightens for a brief time and than starts to slowly climb towards Hrastovlje. The cartroad slowly turns left bringing us back to the starting point.
  10. At the end of this interesting trip, we can eat something in the tavern or agritourism. We can also visit the Pohlen galley or admire the famous Dance Macabre frescoes in the Romanesque church of the Holy Trinity from the beginning of 12th century.

Path altimetry