The gate is reminiscent of an ancient triumphal arch and among its heraldic ornaments the sun – the city coat-of-arms, is most prominent. A smaller, auxiliary gate is located besides the main gate.

A bridge, which connected Koper to the mainland, when Koper was still an island, used to be located in front of the gate. On the bridge, the Venetians built a fortress, the so-called Lion Castle (Castello Leone), which also served as a toll collection point. The castle served as protection of the city and was renovated in 1620, but in 1820, it was destroyed by the Austrian army. In 1924, the preserved relief of the Lion of St Mark, which protruded from the fortress, was relocated to the Totto ex Gavardo Palace, which is located on Kidričeva street.

Besides the gate, you can also admire a part of the former defensive wall and the old stone basin, which can be viewed from the side of the square.

Foto: Ivan Andrejic