The source of the river is located in the valley of Hrastovlje; the river then empties into the Adriatic Sea. The source of the river is composed of various interconnected springs, with the low-lying sources being the only constant ones (the high-lying ones dry up during periods of drought). The most important among them is the Zvroček source, which has also been declared a place with a high natural value of national importance.

Rižana is a part of a Natura 2000 site and an ecologically important zone constituting the habitat of some endangered animal species; furthermore, it is an example of a rare watercourse anchored in flysch rocks with a karstic source.

A special labyrinth is located next to the source; this is a place where you can focus on yourself. The symbolism of the labyrinth is said to help people find calm and inner peace.

A trout farm is also located near the source.

In the past, many water saws and no less than 34 mills were located on the river. Today, a well-known restaurant is located next to one of these mills, which is still functioning.

The valley of the river is a perfect place to take a walk, especially during the summer. An educational path “From One Mill to Another” will soon be opened in this area.