The most recent and definitely the most interesting park is the town park along the Semedela promenade with recreation surfaces and volleyball courts.

This park in the vicinity of the sea, just a few steps away from the centre of town, offers you green areas with indigenous plant species, connecting paths, paved areas for playing board games and outdoor activity games, water elements, an event area with bleachers, a children’s playground and a lawn for dogs, and urban equipment.

The park has even been awarded the international Plan Award in the Urban Architecture section for its design.

Another smaller, yet interesting park is the Hlavaty Park next to the town market. While always worth a visit, it is especially pleasant in the summer, especially due to the shade and the light breeze wafting from the sea.

The park has a children’s playground, and the adults are free to rest on the benches next to the fountain. During the year, different children’s shows are played in the park. In December, a light show turns it into a real winter wonderland bringing joy into the hearts of children and the young at heart. The park is named after Robert Hlavaty, painter and stomatologist who used to live in Koper.

A rather hidden gem is the park in the Vojkovo Embankment where you can also find a special swing for persons with reduced mobility.


While walking around Koper, you will discover some other smaller, neatly designed parks, too.