The sycamore tree in the centre of Koper, on the Belvedere embankment, is a natural asset of national importance.

It is said to be the largest sycamore tree in Istria.


The area of the cypress avenues next to the village of Brič , composed of 669 trees from 1960 that were planted in two slanted rows to protect the vineyard from the bora wind, are registered as a cultural landscape in the Registry of immovable cultural heritage of the Republic of Slovenia. In addition to this avenue, you can admire other trees, wild animals and a drinking water source in the area.


The following features have been registered as natural assets of national importance:

  • the extremely large oak tree in Abitanti,
  • the turkey oak forest in Črnotiče.


The natural assets of local importance are:

  • the mulberry tree avenue in Bertoki,
  • the oak tree next to the Church of Saint Thomas above Bertoki,
  • the oak tree in the village of Škrljevec near Krkavče,
  • the “krkavška komunela” – a forest stand next to Koštabona,
  • the two chestnut trees in Poletiči,
  • the extremely large oak trees next to the Church of Saint Simon in Pregara,
  • the oak tree in Fined near Pregara,
  • the oak tree in Truške, and
  • the group of oak trees next to the Church of Saint Cantianus in Truške.


On one side of the former road between Koper and Izola, you can admire a pine avenue from the 1930s, which represents an important dendrological and landscape feature. This is the only recorded pine avenue in the municipality of Koper and a natural asset of local importance.