The name of the village comes from the name of the Roman camp “Centuria”, which had over 100 soldiers. Due to its position, which offers a view to the Vanganel Valley and the sea, an important defence post of the Romans was built here, as evidenced by the archaeological findings in this area.

When visiting the village, we advise you to visit the homesteads Čentur 1a, 3 and 4 from the 19th century. The homestead consists of a residential house (with two “baladur” terraces), a barn and a multi-purpose outbuilding.

The village of Čentur is registered as cultural landscape in the Register of immovable cultural heritage of the Republic of Slovenia, mainly due to its unique architecture, structured parcels and cultivation of farmland. The fields are parcelled in small circles in outside direction. The landscape includes slopes northeast of Pomjan, between the Čentur and Bavc streams, and a flat plateau with slopes in the form of pier with villages of Veliki Čentur and Mali Čentur.