On the 26th of February 1992, the Slovenian authorities illegally deleted 25,671 people, including 5,360 children, from the permanent population register of Slovenia. The consequences of the removal were terrible. They lost their jobs, social and health insurance, education opportunities, many were deported and separated from their loved ones, and the rest lived under the daily threat of deportation.

The expelled have won victories in the Slovenian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights, but so far the righting of wrongs has been only illusory: only about half of those expelled have managed to regain their permanent residence, many of those deported have not been able to return to Slovenia, and many families remain separated or have been broken up as a result of the expulsion. Only a fraction of those who were erased received meagre compensation. Some remained in Slovenia without regularised status and associated rights. The erasure was never investigated and no one was held accountable.

In the exhibition, which will be on show from 23 August to 13 September 2023, the erased, through the photographic eye of Borut Krajnec, look back at their memories, experiences and attitudes towards erasure more than thirty years later. They tell us that for them, erasure is still ongoing. The exhibition also invites people to sign the petition for the erased. During the exhibition, we will also organise a lecture on erasure with testimonies of the erased.

The exhibition is organised by Amnesty International Slovenia in cooperation with the erased.

The exhibition will be on display at Libertas, Prekat 2 between 23 August and 13 September 2023.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 18:00 – 21:00 and by appointment.