You are invited to an enthralling concert by the young band Jet Black Diamonds, who captivated the audience with their hit singles ‘Retro anorak’ and ‘Še zadnjič’ and are considered one of the most promising newcomers of the year. They will present their highly anticipated debut EP, Večvredne romance.

For music lovers, fans of the sounds of MRFY, Koala Voice, Joker Out and the like, this will be an unforgettable musical event. The young Jet Black Diamonds, the five stylistically free rock and roll musicians, have over the years forged their own musical expression, which resonated last year with their first original single ‘Retro Anorak’. The song quickly won the hearts of local audiences and climbed the charts, becoming the most played track on Val 202 in August, where it was selected as The Pop Song of the Week.

Experience the fresh and exciting sound of Jet Black Diamonds live! Join us and experience the musical atmosphere created by these talented young musicians. Don’t miss the chance for an unforgettable musical experience!


Link to the song “Retro anorak”


You can check out the full Fantazima programme here.