Join us for a musical spectacle with Bepop, the band that made a mark on the Slovenian music scene as the first band to be selected in the licensed reality show Popstars in 2002. Their musical journey began with the song “Moje sonce” (My sun), which immediately became a hit and conquered all radio stations in the summer of 2002. The music video for the song was filmed on the beautiful Croatian island of Krk.

Bepop, consisting of five talented members – Tinkara Zorec (now Fortuna), Alenka Husič, Simon Meglič, Ana Praznik and Nejc Erazm, was chosen among many suggestions from fans in a name contest. Although the group ended its activities in 2005, it reunited in 2017 to celebrate its 15th anniversary. In September 2019, they confirmed their return officially, and the girls now operate as Bepop Ladies.

Join us and experience Bepop’s remarkable musical journey, still shining with the same passion and energy. Don’t miss the chance to take a nostalgic journey through their hits and discover why they have become an unforgettable part of Slovenian music history. See you at the concert!


You can check out the full Fantazima programme here.