A move away from the tangible, the rational, the pragmatic – instead, a transcendence of experience, of consciousness. Fits every now and then, doesn’t it?
You will have the opportunity to do so on the last Saturday of January, when three MVPs of the local transcendental music scene – Listening Circuits, Bregove Dere and SPIRAL MIND – will cross the threshold of CMK.


SPIRAL MIND are a fusion of electric guitar and synthesizers by the mastermind Manuel Brajnik, bass and synthesizers by Rok Babič, also known by his creative name Rochwald, and percussion by the rhythmic mastermind Gaj Bostič. The band masterfully blends influences from electronic music, progressive rock, African rhythmics, jazz and other genres into a sea of multi-genre currents, and through waves of different musical ideas announces its resistance to classification and compartmentalisation.
Building on the foundations of two EPs and two full-length albums, SPIRAL MIND construct compositions full of both hypnotic and soaring instrumental confessions of thought and dynamic propulsions, tracks made for wild dancing, but which nonetheless demand close attention to rhythmic changes.
/ electronic / progressive / rock / afrobeat / jazz /

Hexagon Valley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGRngooOM6E
Lagos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSQtnsofv4w

Push it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVq4z9STmPk


The beginnings of the band date back to 2018, when ideas started to accumulate, when Matjaž’s solo project started to take a different direction from the then-parent Meduzalem. The basic idea was a concept of acoustic and more organic music with a base of classical guitar, drums, bass and percussion. Soon after, drummer Robi, otherwise very active in Zlatko Kaučič’s Komb C, joined. As a duo they created the basis for at least five longer compositions. After a while they were joined by Matej on electric guitar, who added harmonic and sonic variety. After a long search, they invited bassist Timi, who has been playing with Robi for a long time in joint bands. As a quartet, they started working intensively on the songs for their debut album and, of course, on the live performances. From the idea of a guest musician, they were joined by Jure on violin, who had worked with Matjaž many years ago in the band Suisound and in the original band Meduzalem. He is currently active in the free duo Interrupted System Call. In the current line-up, the music of Bregova Dera finally takes on the organic form of a creature still awakening, taking its time and space to breathe.



Together we could listen to seaweed drying.”

Androgynous Dreams is an electroacoustic and participatory performance inspired by ideas of cybernetics. Cybernetics can be defined as “the study of human-machine interaction, guided by the principle that many different kinds of systems can be studied according to the principles of feedback, control and communication”.
The performance will be about creating a safe space in which communication between the participants will be attempted, blurring the boundaries between audience and performance. It will be performed using random objects and diy electronics, with all participants invited to interact (no strings attached). They will be invited to listen to each other and explore their inner and outer worlds, while being aware of themselves, other people and the physical space. The aim is to create a safe, playful and insightful environment where sounding and listening guide the interaction between people.

young people up to and including 30 years: 7€
Others: 10€