It is a 122-hectare nature reserve, an ecologically important area, a special conservation area (Natura 2000 site), as well as a botanical, zoological, and ecosystem natural heritage. It is considered the largest semi-saline wetland in Slovenia. Due to the combination of semi-saline and freshwater living environment, the wetland is home to different plant and animal species. The area is important mainly for its diversity of birds (there are as many as 259 different species in the area), but you can also see old Istrian and Podolian cattle as well as Camargue horses (children can also go horse riding). The reserve features a circular educational route and several observation points.

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It is possible to arrive till the Škocjan zatok natural reserve from 1st September 2020 with electric vehicle Kurjera.

Route of line N°10 is here.

On official web site of Arriva company is available for Kurjera  timetable N°1  and timetable N°2.