Two of these palaces (Verdijeva 6 and 10) host the premises of the municipal administration of the Municipality of Koper.

On the opposite side of the street is located a building housing the Koper Theatre .

Verdi Street also contains other interesting houses: the Renaissance Manzioli House at Verdijeva ulica 4 (with a redecorated interior), the Madonizza House at Verdijeva ulica 6 (a two-storey Renaissance house from the 16th century with a three-axial main façade and a stone staircase), the Bratti House, he Renaissance townhouse (at Verdijeva ulica 2), the theatre (at Verdijeva ulica 3), the Fini House (at Verdijeva ulica 7) and, of course, the municipal palace (at Verdijeva ulica 10).

At the end of Verdi Street, you can enjoy the views from the observation deck next to the Bastion.

The street was named after Pietro Paolo Vergerio Jr, a Protestant bishop.