The village is known for different local wine festivals, mainly the Refosco Festival and traditional feast of St Martin – Martinja, and from 2018 the village has the first wine-testing fountain in Slovenia. You can taste open and high-quality wines of the Slovenian Istria admiring the beautiful view. You can also take a special, old-timer American bus from Koper to Marezige, which gives a special touch to the visit of the village.

The date for the Refosco Festival (and municipal festival) is linked to the anniversary of one of the first forms of resistance against fascism: the Marezige Uprising that took place on 15 May 1921. In the village, you will also notice several memorial stones that relate to this period.

You can also visit the Church of the Holy Cross from the late Middle Ages and a chapel on the edge of the village from the 19th century.

A special feature is also the oldest Refosco vineyard in Europe.