Path map

  1. We start from the parking place passing by the chapel towards the church and left through the village.
  2. At the crossing (there is the Pohlen gallery on the left) we continue towards the cartroad, and at the following branch turn right towards the railway underpass.
  3. We follow the yellow trail markers and continue ahead through a long turning with the shape of the letter S until the next crossing, where we follow the trail markers and turn left, cross the meadows, join a wider path and continue up towards Podpeč.
  4. The asphalt road leads under the railway tracks and ahead through the village where we can visit the renovated Prkič house, the rest of the ancient architecture underneath the Karst border. There are also an overhanging wall with a cave and a defence tower from 11th century rising behind the houses.
  5. The road straightens at the end of the village. Following the trail markers on the left we climb the steep hiking trail till the tower and ahead towards the top of the wall where a magnificent view opens towards Koper, Trieste and a great part of Istria.
  6. We follow the yellow trail markers and turn into the forest and almost vertically arrive to the water reservoir.
  7. The macadam road climbs over the wall, turns left, crosses the railway tracks and continues gently up towards the crossing, where turns left sharply towards Podgorje (a wooden sign). At that point we continue straight ahead and after 300 metres, at the following crossing, turn right towards Brežec.
  8. We go around (on the left side) the picturesque village and continue along the cartroad through the forest which at the end descends to the railway station Zazid.
  9. We cross the tracks and immediately turn left, following the trail markers which brings us on the road (water) and towards the end of the village (e-point).
  10. Passing the ancient church of St. Martina, we arrive to a large board with tourist information and continue right along the road damaged by the water.
  11. The path brings us underneath the railway and to the abandoned village of Zanigrad. We descend to the church of St. Stephen, covered with stone tiles, with frescoes from 15th century and a Glagolitic inscription from 1418. Each 26th December, they organise the traditional benediction of the horses. Each year, the event attracts a great number of visitors.
  12. We leave the road following the trail markers, than turn right at the church and continue by making a semicircle towards left and continuing on the hiking trail which gradually descends towards the railway underpass, where we conclude our round.
  13. Here we turn left and, taking the same road we used for the ascent to Podpeč, return back to Hrastovlje. In Hrastovlje we can visit the Pohlen gallery and the famous Dance Macabre frescoes of the Romanesque church of the Holy Trinity from the beginning of 12th century.

Path altimetry