Path map

  1. We start at the parking place from where we drive along the main road through the village, passing by the ancient church of St. Martin (e-point) towards Podpeč where is possible to visit the Prkič house, the remains of the ancient architecture below the Karst border. We can also visit the interesting overhanging wall with the cave and the defence tower from 11th century which rises above the houses.
  2. In front of the railway underpass, we turn right, pass the houses and continue towards Černotiče (a signpost).
  3. After a short and steep climb, the path straightens. At the crossroads we continue straight ahead and at the following crossroads turn left.
  4. A shorter steep ascent follows. From here, we sweep through the forest towards Praproče and at the sharp turn in front of the village turn right. The path gently climbs through the pine forest and brings us to the strain underpass.
  5. We turn right on the macadam path coming from Podgorje and continue through the crossroads for Podpeč. We continue straight ahead after the following crossroad for Brežec and almost horizontally continue in a gradual ascent along the slope of Jampršnik.
  6. From the left joins the road from Podgorje (of macadam), the climb becomes steeper and a road splits at left for Kojnik. However, we continue straight ahead and climb to the meadow along south slope of Golič.
  7. As soon as we leave the forest, a wide view opens over southwest. Our path becomes more rough and continues to climb towards southeast under the peak of Kavčič where reaches the highest point – 828 m. We can rest; the hardest part is behind us. Now there is only the descent – a delight for experienced cyclist, other, be careful!
  8. From here we sweep over the rocky edge to the caverns (spodmoli) and in a long turn in the left direction, reach the lower rock platform, accessible by the damaged cartroad.
  9. At the first crossroad of the cartroads, we leave our path which goes down towards Rakitovec and turn right, back to a cartroad which runs through the meadows of the horizontal panoramic track above Rakitovec.
  10. Above the rocky platform on the right, our path starts to sweep down becoming more and more rough, so be careful! From here a neck breaking descent towards the Zazid train station follows – a real delight for experienced cyclists. Along the descend, the marvellous view over the Gulf of Trieste with Alps and Dolomiten in the background will accompany us.
  11. We cross the railway tracks and sweep along the macadam road, passing by the water spring “Pod strugo” back to Zazid and the starting point.

Path altimetry