An especially interesting feature of this street is the Carli Palace, although other palaces are also worth seeing: the Venetian-Gothic Filiputti House from the 15th century (Župančičeva ulica 17), the apartment complex from the Middle Ages built in the 14th century (Župančičeva ulica 23), the Vida Vidacovich Baroque palace from the 15th century (Župančičeva ulica 28), the Venetian-Gothic two-storey Pechiari Palace from the 14th century, which was later baroquified (Župančičeva ulica 35 and 35/a), and a Baroque town house from the 18th century (Župančičeva ulica 41).

Next to the stairs leading from Župančičeva ulica to Gortanov trg, you will also notice the Gerosa Palace, a Baroque building (Gortanov trg 11/Župančičeva ulica 20).

This street was named after Oton Župančič, a Slovenian poet, playwright and translator.