Koper, one of Slovenia’s oldest towns, was once an island in north-western Istria.  Today’s city centre is limited to the ancient island, while its present appearance is the result of a 2000-year-long continuous development that began in Roman times.

According to tradition, the first bishop of Koper was St Nazarius. He was born between 470 and 480 in the Istrian village of Elpidium – Boste – Boršt. St Nazarius was consecrated Bishop of Koper in 524. The year 524 is therefore also associated with the foundation of the city of Koper.

This year, Koper celebrates its 1500th anniversary. Throughout the year, a series of cultural events will take place; from exhibitions, scientific symposia, conferences and public debates, to theatre festivals, publications and other interesting activities.

A detailed calendar of events can be found below:

Events Koper Capodistria 1500








  • Old Loggia: Modernist Koper exhibition
  • 25 July: Altroke Istria Gourmet Festival


  • University of Primorska – Faculty of Humanities: Summer school of conservation
  • Old Loggia: Tourist Attractions of Koper exhibition
  • Koper Theatre: festival Pri Svetilniku (At the Lighthouse)
  • 29 August: Altroke Istria Gourmet Festival
  • 31 August: Rotunda: Ex tempore in the Rotunda, conference, discussions on painting. Organised by Dragan Klarica and Coastal Galleries Piran, in cooperation with the Parish of Koper.
  • 31 August: Loggia Gallery: Visit to the exhibition by Marko Brecelj  with a banquet.  Organised by Dragan Klarica and Coastal Galleries Piran, in cooperation with the Parish of Koper.


  • Praetorian palace: “The Koper Cathedral” Symposium
  • 3 September: Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper: Presentation of the Capodistrian humanist and reformer Peter Paul Vergeri Jr.: “Actiones duae secretarii pontificii” (Basel, 1556)
  • 4 September – 1 October: Old Loggia: “The Urban Morphology of Koper” exhibition
  • International Summer School of Museology
  • 27 september – 24 November: Borut  Popenko: Odpiranja (Openings) -personal exhibition in cooperation of the Piran Coastal Galleries with the Maribor Art Gallery
  • 28 September – 29 September: Altroke Sladka Istra Koper


  • Divina – Symposium on Capodistrian Humanists; five Capodistrians who changed the world
  • 2 October – 5 November: Old Loggia: Exhibition of the Association of friends of youth Koper – Art competition: “Tito Square and Koper Cathedral”
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Symposium on the restitution of the two altar paintings and organ shutters  (V. and B. Carpaccio) to the Cathedral
  • 8 October: Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper: Presentation of the commentary on Avicenna’s Canon by Santorio Santorio (Venice, 1626), Capodistrian humanist and founder of modern medical practice
  • 14 October – 18 October: “The Turkish Books of the Koper Library” – Presentation of the printed edition of the collection, from Bibliotheca iustinopolitana no. 12
  • Svetilnik: a cultural periodical
  • Koper Regional Archives and Koper Regional Museum:  Presentation of the Statute of Koper of 1423


  • Koper Regional Archives: Exhibition”The plans of Koper’s noble palaces”
  • 6 November – 3 December: Old Loggia: Exhibition “The plans of Koper’s noble palaces”
  • 5 November: Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper: Presentation of the oldest Capodistrian humanist, B. Monaldo Giustinopolitano (La Summa Monaldina, Ms.-NUK, 15th century, Lyon, 1516)
  • 8 November: Koper: St Martin’s Path
  • 22 November – 23 November: Young Olive Oil
  • 30 November: Festive lights switch-on


  • 1 December 2024 – 1 January 2025: Fantazima
  • 2 December: Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper: Red and Black Editions of the g choir books by the Venetian typographer Lucantonio Giunta (Venice, 1500-1503)
  • 4 December 2024 – 5 January 2025: Loggia: Bartolomeo Gianelli exhibition
  • Koper Regional Museum: ”200 Years of the Painter Bartolomeo Gianelli” exhibition
  • Srečko Vilhar Central Library Koper: Philatelic exhibition on the occasion of a commemorative stamp, seal and envelope issue
  • University of Primorska – Faculty of Humanities: Presentation of the scientific monograph on the legal protection of cultural heritage