The destination of Koper is also suitable for Nordic walking enthusiasts. The active steps of Koper will take you through the rich green countryside around the town, where you will discover the vibrant Istrian landscape and taste local delicacies.

Thus, lovers of Nordic walking and local cuisine can choose between three different experiences:

  • The active steps of Koper – along the trail of the tastes in The Land of Refosco will take you along the P8 The path of the heart hiking trail, which runs along the diverse terrain from Vanganel to Marezige and offers great views of the Gulf of Koper, the Vanganel Valley and the nearby surroundings. In fine weather, your view will reach all the way to the Alps and Dolomites. At the end of the trail, you will be able to treat yourself at the Karjola restaurant in Marezige, where you will be offered delicious homemade dishes and local wines, especially refosco.
  •  The active steps of Koper – from olive trees to the river will take you along the P9 Among the olive groves and sumach hiking trail, linking Dekani and Tinjan, from where there is a beautiful view of the Karst Edge on one side and the Gulf of Koper on the other. Along the Rižana River, you will be able to treat yourself at the Bordon farm with homemade dishes and top wines of the Bordon wine cellar.
  •  The active steps of Koper – in the shelter of the Šavrin Hills will take you along the P5 The tale of Pomjan hiking trail, which leads from Kampel to Pomjan, which is considered the highest altitude village of the Šavrin Hills. On the way, there is also a popular bench of love, from where you can enjoy the views and create unforgettable photos. At the end of the trail, you can treat yourself at the Trije Lovci restaurant in Šmarje, where you will be served delicious homemade dishes and local wines.