Path map

  1. We start at the parking place, from where we take the bicycle path of health – Parenzana which runs parallel with the highway along the Škocjanski zatok towards Bertoki.
  2. At the end of the path we turn left by the entrance to the nature reserve Škocjanski zatok and continue towards the roundabout.
  3. Than we turn right on the viaduct that crosses the highway.
  4. We continue straight ahead over the second roundabout till the main road towards Ankaran.
  5. Here we turn left and continue through Ankaran till Debeli rtič.
  6. The road sweeps towards the sea and, along the narrow part, an asphalt road splits right and steeply climbs through the vineyards on Barižoni.
  7. At the turning, in the middle of the sheer slope, we turn left on the plateau (the road is closed for traffic) and continue almost horizontally on macadam along the forest border towards the houses of Barižoni.
  8. Along the road, an information board invites us to visit the grove Reslov gaj. Than we turn left and in a light ascent reach the road on the crest of the Muggia hills near the church of St. Bridget.
  9. Here we turn right towards Hrvatini, pass the church and the cemetery in order to reach the following crossroads, where we continue straight ahead in a gradual climb, crossing Božiči and Fajti till the crossroads for Jalarji (Elerji/Elari).
  10. We turn right and go down to the village and steeply sweep to the service road along the highway Trieste – Koper.
  11. At this point we can decide whether to cut the track in the direction for Bertoki and Koper.
  12. The path continues down towards the highway (D-8), where we cross the cycling path D-8 and sweep towards the bridge over the highway, turn right, cross the bridge and turn right again, towards Trieste.
  13. Behind the Casino and the service station at the former boarder, we leave (on Italian side) the main road and turn right to the old parallel road and continue till the roundabout.
  14. At the second exit (industrial zone), we turn right in the valley of Osp and pass the commercial premises, continuing till the end of the asphalt road where stands the information board “Traversata Muggesana”.
  15. The cartroad brings us to the forest, by the interesting lakes and almost horizontally along two crossroads, where we turn right, till reaching the crossroad with a barrier.
  16. Here we turn left on the small bridge and continue for 100 metres towards the road, where we turn right towards the former board Osp and return to Slovenia.
  17. Continuing along this road, we reach Osp and the famous climbing wall with the spring of the ricer Osp.
  18. We continue along the up valley and 200 metres after the village centre, we turn left at the crossroads towards Miška peč.
  19. Then the castroad starts to climb towards Stara Gabrovica (in Stara Gabrovica we turn left at the chapel) and leads underneath the mighty viaduct which is more than 100 metres high, till reaching the church of St. Nicolas and left up to the main road.
  20. From there, we sweep towards the lower part of Črni Kal, cross the main road and go down through Krnica to Rižana, where we turn right across the village and drive along the main road through Cepki till the 500 metres far crossroads.
  21. Here we turn left on a small bridge over the railway tracks and, right, by the houses between the tracks and the river, where we reach the picturesque part of Rižana with the dykes.
  22. Sledi krajši kamnit prehod tik ob reki, nato levo čez mostiček na dvorišče vinske kleti Bordon.
  23. . A short stone passage follows along the river. Than we cross the bridge and arrive in the courtyard of the wine cellar Bordon. We continue in the right direction till the concrete factory, where we turn left and afterwards immediately right through a narrow asphalt road over Mikoti and, on macadam, towards the bridgehead of Parenzana (D-8).
  24. There we turn left till a bigger bridge over Rižana and continue along the cycling path till the main road in front of Bertoki. From there we continue by turning left till the highway, where we turn right towards Sermin.
  25. At the end of the bridge, we drive cross the bridge over highway and return towards the Koper train station, where we started our journey.

Path altimetry