At the end of the 13th century, however, the noble families lost their interest in building houses next to the square, partly because the administrative centre of the town had been relocated to what is known today as Tito Square.

In the square, they used to collect water that was channelled down into a collection tank. Today, two fountains in the Gothic style, built in 1485 by order of podestá Marino Bonzio, remind us of this period. The square is also connected to a beautifully landscaped park.

There are several interesting buildings to see next to the square: the Bruti Palace  (Trg Brolo 1), the Vissich-Nardi Palace (Trg Brolo 3), the former grain storehouse Fontico (Trg Brolo 4), the Church of St Jacob, the former Minorite monastery and the hall of St Francis (Martinčev trg), and the Gravisi-Barbabianca Palace (Gallusova ulica 2).

On the other side of the street from the cathedral, you can also admire the Bishop’s Palace and its Renaissance portal (Trg Brolo 11).