The culinary evening will take place in the magical atmosphere of the Purissima Mediterranean Garden (Spodnje Škofije 11 e) accompanied by excellent music, curated by Lean Kozlar Luigi.

In addition, each participant will become a wine evaluator for an evening, as the event also includes a mini evaluation of the best wine of the evening, which will also be appropriately awarded.

Winemakers present at the event:
Dejan Babič, Vinska klet Babič di Semedela,
Rok Ražman, Klet Ražman di Gračišča,
Elizabeta Bordon da Vina Montis & Eko Laura.

The entrance fee is 20 EUR per person and includes 3 vouchers for wine tasting (or juice/Radenska), 1 voucher for a fish dish and 1 voucher for voting for the best wine.

To book tickets, write to

For the event the RVT condition: Recovered – Vaccinated – Tested is not mandatory.